Manila, the capital city...of the Philippines. Deteriorating?????

April 10, 2007 7:50pm CST
I had been away from Manila for five years, Just recently, I went there to visit a friend in Intramuros.And I was shock to see the scenes that I saw. The Interior streets are full of shanties, men half naked walking in the street, Plenty of people seating on the sidewalks. My goodness! Come to think of it that Intramuros is one of the places that we promote and where tourist come and had their sightseeing. Though we want to tell them that Philippines is a beautiful country but we cannot hide the fact that there are plenty of people that belongs below the poverty line. It is very evident. Though we would like to say more positive to the foreigners but still we cannot hide these poor people. What must be done about this? We have plenty of beautiful places in the provinces but not in Manila. Don't you think so?
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