Smartindex.Us investment 360% in 100days

April 10, 2007 10:43pm CST
do you want to register please pm me. i give u the best rate for starting. message me. this is high risk .. please read disclaimer before joined.
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• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
no body responding to your promotion, so that i put this responsible on me..but i have no intention to join the program..because of create a lot of problem..although im knowing the phrase "invest the amount that u can afford to lose"..for now i just want to monitoring all this OI program until i can find the best one..he he just my imagination, can i join the programme for free? then after the investment profits recover the principal, you let me to have the it ok with that?
• Singapore
14 Apr 07
if u interested.. i will sponsered you.. :P
• Morocco
18 May 07
pay attention all HYIP will be turned into scam have a niceday
• Brunei Darussalam
4 May 07
Yes. Recently eaindex had a problem in transferring money to member's bank account. kliksini nie org melayu ke? hehe yaaa! i aggree. bro, how about u loan me 1st then then when i got d balance, i give u back with 110%. the site seems interesting tho. anyway, whats the minimum amount can be invested in this program?