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April 10, 2007 10:59pm CST
How conscious about your fitness. I brought a fitness program but i am not working out now, i want to be fit but i thing i am not able to give my best to achieve my fitness goals!
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15 May 07
its difficult sticking to a fitness program but i try and keep going evne if i dont want to and then i find i get past the point if i just push it a bit after that the training gets easier and i notice my progress and can get fitter faster. ive written some fitness articles on fitness at helium heres the link to my page theres a couple which say about being motivated for fitness and how to start and keep to a fitness plan maybe this will help
• United States
11 Apr 07
i guess you are making excuses one has to be motived to continue with any kind of exercised you are in need of motivation i dont like to see myself wearing XL size clothes and i wanna stay disease free like diabetes and cholestrol that is why i exercise regularly fine what is important for you, i am sure there must be something to motivate you
• United States
11 Apr 07
I think about it every minute of every day. And when I'm sleeping, I dream about it. How does that strike your fancy?
• Canada
11 Apr 07
I wouldn't say that I am conscious about fitness at all . When I was younger , this was something I did on a regular basis and really enjoyed it , but now that I am older , I don't feel I have the time to do it anymore and don't believe I would feel I had the energy to bother with it . I would much rather enjoy my time on the computer or talking to a friend or just sitting down watching t.v with my husband . I think as we get older we tend to get lazier about things like this . Not everyone but a lot of us do :)