Marajuana and the witch...

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April 10, 2007 11:41pm CST
Sorcerers and witches were not the only people to attribute magical properties to the marijuana plant. In the Ukraine, peasant farmers used to pluck marijuana flowers on St. John's Eve in the belief that this would keep the evil eye from hurting their farm animals.[9] Ukrainian girls of marriageable age used to carry hemp seeds in their pockets when they whispered magical spells designed to hasten their wedding day. After they pronounced these spells, they stripped naked and scampered around their homes to complete the magic.[10] In Ireland, young maidens sowed hemp seed during Halloween, believing that if they looked behind them while sowing, they would see the ghost of their future husbands,[11] In other parts of Great Britain, this rite was not confined to Halloween alone. For example, a love poem of bygone days states: A eve last Midsummer no sleep I sought, But to the field a bag of hemp-seed brought; I scatter'd round the seed on ev'ry side, And three times, in a trembling accent, cried This hemp-seed with my virgin hand I sow. Who shall my true love be, the crop shall mow.[12] Tell me what you think...
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11 Apr 07
I dont see anything wrong with pot and I liked the poem