Supersitions? How many of you are Supersitious? Do you carry good luck charms?

@lilyruth (724)
United States
April 11, 2007 12:23am CST
Do you walk under ladders? throw salt over your back? read the Tarot cards? Have your fortunes told? Read the Astrology signs?Carry good luck charms? Come on and tell us? Do you Believe?
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@pyewacket (44036)
• United States
15 May 07
I'm not superstitious per se...that is I don't have the common superstitions most people have...For instance: 1]. I don't have a fear of black cats at prove it, I've had cats all my life just about, and my very first cat, Babette was predominantly black with just a dab of white..and throughout my years have had black fact, right now I have two cats...and as you can guess, my Pyewacket is black--and I swear he's one of my lucky charms! 2). Absolutely no fear about walking under ladders. 3). Do not have a fear of Friday the fact usually good things seem to happen for me on that day--like maybe win a little extra money playing one of those scratch off Lotto things BUT YES Do read Tarot cards..I have about five different sets of them, also Rune stones..I'm not a fanatic about Astrology in that I don't read the horoscope everyday, but I have had my chart done..I did have my fortune told by a palm reader when I was about 16 years old...the thing that always struck me..well actually two...she "saw" I was a very spiritual person but on the occult paranormal mystic side--she actually asked if I was or had studied witchcraft...uh..nope...she said she sensed I was a natural witch--at that time I laughed it off...Well about six years ago, I decided after having read about wicca/pagan ideologies to follow that path witch or as I like to say a "born again pagan" She also said that I would be very successful in life but would be a late bloomer...well that might be true..I'm still waiting only because I've had a lot of weird detours and setbacks along the route.. I do have a bunch of what might be considered as charms...that I always carry or wear with me when I do go out... no real particular reason for it but would feel naked in a way without them--I make a mojo that I wear all the time...sort of a very small version of a Native American medicine bag--I'm part Native it I have various special herbs, gemstones, like turquoise, tiger's eye, a small crystal bead, etc..things that have significance to me and me alone So yes and no as far as being I said I just don't have the usual superstitions
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@lilyruth (724)
• United States
28 May 07
Very good response Pyewacket and you get mark best response as well since I enjoyed reading yours the most and Im happy you admit the truth that yes you are superstious and then again in other things your not Im the same way and I also am part native indian Apache and I also have a dreamcatcher cuz I hate to have nightmares. and I even wear a mood ring altho I know my mood most of the time I used to have a tigers eye ring but I lost it and I sure hated that adn turquoise I love it. Again thanks for your response and I hope yu will continue to answer my discussions I hardly post alot now and then I will.