Discrimination is so contradicting and twisted

United States
April 11, 2007 12:55am CST
I am not trying to make anyone upset but I am entitled to my own opinion. The Rev. Al Sharpton went a little overboard with his battle against Imus. So what Imus said nappy headed ho's, who cares. The rappers use the "N" word constantly and they aren't bad mouthing one another. I am not prejudice in any manner and everyone is entitled to his own opinion. White women call each other nappy headed ho's. It is a figure of speech. The Latinos, The African Americans, The Indian-Americans get carried away with the word discriminate. It is a crock for Imus to have been suspended.(I have never heard his radio program).I think that Al Sharpton owes Imus an apology. Why is it okay for Howard Stern to be so vulgar on his radio program, Lex and Terry do it, and noone is criticizing them. This world is getting to be something else and the word discriminate needs to be redefined.
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