What's Wrong With Drinking Soda? Is Pepsi Better Or Worse Than Coke?

United States
April 11, 2007 1:00am CST
In my family Coke or Pepsi was only consumed one night a week, with pizza. When we went out we were allowed soda, but not at home. I now only "taste" soda, taking less that a 1/4 cup of it. I do not order it when I go out. I prefer unsweetened iced tea. The thing is, I had a friend who was consuming two of the 2 liter bottles each night after work. He also smoked a lot. After a while I began to notice that he was losing his voice, and after going to the doctor, he was waned to stop drinking Pepsi. Of course he didn't and his voice continued to get more and more gravelly. After a while he just flat out lost it, and it took him months to get any sound back. Whether or not it was due to just the Pepsi or just the smoking, we'll never know. No my husband drinks at least 6 or more cans of soda daily, and if not that, then he'll consume a 2 liter all by himself in one day. I know it's diet soda, but - all that caffeine- all those sips of emptiness - what can they do to him? Is it healthy? I don't think so. I think that Pepsi (and Coke) rob the body of water (they are diuretics) and the continual caffeine is a problem with mood swings (crankiness, heart palpitation, shortness of breath, panic attacks). So tell me, do you know the ill effects of soda? Can you shed more light on this situation? Do you think one soda might be better for you than another? I think it's really effecting my husband. Thanks for any help you can give.
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• Malaysia
12 Apr 07
I drink soda so rarely, but i like them. But i think if drink too much they will give effect to our body, and all of carbonate drink is not good actually. They make our body become more acidize. As i know, carbonate drinks are more dangerous than car battery water. The carbonate drinks got more acid than battery water. For that i just drink so rarely and not too much. But everything in this world are not good if too much. The good foods also not good if we eat too much, whats more with a bad and junk foods. So shortly, moderate is da best policy :D
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• Indonesia
11 Apr 07
In my family coke are more familiar than Pepsi
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@emeraldisle (13145)
• United States
11 Apr 07
Well I drink a lot of soda pop to be honest. I was drinking mostly Diet Dr. Pepper but I'm checking to see if I do better without all the aspertame. So with that in mind I'm drinking coke and regular Dr. Pepper and sometimes diet. When you drink soda pop or coffee all the time the caffiene doesn't really effect you that much. You get used to it. It's when you don't and then you drink some that you can get some major effects. I drink it all day long and it doesn't keep me awake. Soda pop doesn't work really as a diuretic, coffee does but not soda pop. If anything it can cause you to retain water not expel it. At least that has been my experience, except with Fresca which is a citrus soda pop. That one I agree works as a diurectic. I don't know if one brand is better then the other really. Among regular brands I do prefer Coke or Dr. Pepper over Pepsi but among diets I prefer Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Pepsi over Coke. The reason for this isn't only taste but Coke uses Splenda which I cannot use. It gives me migraines. Also before when they did use aspertame the brand they used didn't agree with me. I cannot drink anything with sacchrine which includes Tab, allergic to saccrine. I think though when it comes to brands it's just preference towards taste. Other then that I think they are all about the same health wise.