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April 11, 2007 2:33am CST
I am such a dingbat, I forgot to put where you can get my new book: Here is the first review: Angels Watching Over Me by: Carol Roach In this wonderful work by gifted author Carol Roach we meet a very special girl named Carissa. Carissa life has been anything but easy. She has known the scorn of poverty; the battle of rejection, the sorrow of death. However, Carissa has a quality that hinges almost on the supernatural; her faith and assurance in a God who is more than enough. We are taken through the life of Carissa from her youth in a small rural community and her family to her final victory as a woman, who never compromised despite the hardships such decisions would bring. Her life stood as a testimony. This is a deep heartfelt read; one that shows the strength and courage of the human spirit despite at times cruel circumstances and unfair situations. The author definitely draws you into the very heart of Carissa merging you with the fight and strength that she possesses during her entire life. Her unselfish love is the main attribute that shone out to me and one that I think author Carol Roach did an exceptional job at portraying. If you want to read a story of the heart, this one is for you. A compelling story of a woman, a time and a future where one can actually say, 'everything turned out all right." It might have happened much later than we as the reader may have wanted, but perhaps that is exactly how life for most of us plays out. Well done Ms. Roach! Shirley Johnson Senior Reviewer MidWest Book Review
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11 Apr 07
LOL ok ignore my last message I will download it from there
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