woman denied having a natural child

April 11, 2007 4:30am CST
What is your opinion regarding the woman that wanted to use her frozen embryos to have a child and was denied? Her cancer treatment makes it impossible to have a natural child now. She had 6 embryos frozen with her then boyfriend. They later split. She went to court for permission to use them. Her ex doesn't want kids by her. I think this is a real shame. The EU court has denied her the chance of having kids now. The embryos must be destroyed. She needed his permission to use them, but he doesn't need her permission to destroy them. Double standard here. I think they could have come to some agreement where he would never be responsible for the health and well being of the child and let her have the child. This woman is heartbroken. I really feel for her. So, what is your opinion on this?
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@Bizziebod (3526)
11 Apr 07
I do think this is a massive shame that the couple couldn't have come to some kind of arrangement and yes I do think it's heartbreaking for the woman, however even I don't think this man should be pressured into having a child by a woman he is no longer with, and lets face it the child will be his and in the UK fathers are forced to make child support contributions to their children so I don't think there would be much getting away with it. It is a shame but there are thousands of other couples out there who are childless and they either adopt or get on with their lives. Happy Mylotting!
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
11 Apr 07
Yes I heard this news last night it is dreadful that this poor woman cannot have natural children and she has cancer and now has been denied all right to her ex boyfriends from embryos. Yes I believe it is double standard as well. I agree with what you are saying here completely.
11 Apr 07
I think that both parents should agree if they are going to have a child like that. It is a shame that she won't be able to have a child now, but the children aren't going to be happy knowing that they have a father who doesn't want them. It is tough in these sort of circumstances, but there are lots of children round the world looking for a nice home with a caring mum so she needn't be childless forever.
@mamasan34 (6521)
• United States
11 Apr 07
I agree that there is definitely a double standard there. I know she must be heartbroken. That is just sad. If I were her, and still wanted to have a child so badly, I would look into other ways. Maybe adoption.....I know it is not the same as having a natural child, but the main reason for being a mother is to nurture and love a child unconditionally. She seems like she really wants to be a mom and there are so many orphaned babies out there that need love! But regarding this, it is wrong. They are her embryo's as much as his, he could have been more reasonable and made a legal agreement waiving his responsibilities as parent.