Broken heart, what to do?

@shomomo (850)
April 11, 2007 7:13am CST
Where do you seek comfort once you found out that there is no one that loves you?
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@sallyxu126 (1185)
• China
12 Apr 07
just love yourself, and try to love others. Slowly, you will find : some one love you , and you also will find you are popular with people when you always smile to people. Not to be upset ,just try your best, people will love you. Be selfconfidence~~~~~~~ Good luck with you!!!
• Philippines
12 Apr 07
God is there in your darkest hours, He who shows unconditional love to us, always confide in Him, and he will never leave. I too have been in such position, that i have almost cried at night, but i have just realized that He is patiently waiting for me to confide in Him. So my friend, always remember that God is with you... No need for tears to fall down... cuz His here to make you smile in times of sadness and sorrows... :-)
@NiKe_bOi (166)
• Singapore
11 Apr 07
When i found out that no one loves me.. i will normally go into self reflection.. asking myself where has went wrong.. perhaps it just a certain period of time when everyone seems to forget you in this world.. well.. do remember that you will not need to meet your friends to know that they have you in their heart.. just that they are too busy to catch up with you!! Who wouldnt want to catch up with their friends and family when they have the luxury of time and money??
@minty3 (592)
• Nigeria
11 Apr 07
Turn with me to the Bible John 3: 16 - for God so loved the world ... He loved the world including you and everyone of us and He'll keep loving us inspite of who we are and what we have done. So turn to God, He will not only love you but He'll give you a better lover. thanks.
@lani0529 (1726)
• Philippines
11 Apr 07
Dear shomomo,(",) People may hate you, but God will continue to love you.(",) People's feelings towards you may change but, God will continue to shower you with all the love that you need. If you need comfort God is always willing to cover you in His right hand. Call on Him and He will answer you.(",) There is no need to be depressed because our God is loving us so much. All your tears He will wipe away, just seek His presence.(",) Hope issues in your life will be okay by the time you are reading this. Have a great day and keep smiling!(",)