Do you have rude sister-in-law in your hubby's family?

@palina77 (1178)
United States
April 11, 2007 9:10am CST
If so how many and are rude with you or they love you as their brother's wife. I have two but 1 is rude to me and always seeking my fault and never appriciate my any work or dealing in their family. My husband also fear to control her activities on me. But I damn care so she is feel jealouse alone and cannot reach to me. Now I grind her like flour and take revenge of my past harrassment. How about you.
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16 Sep 07
I have a cruel sister-in-law. Since the first time I met her six years ago she was rude to me. She says nasty little comments and has harsh remarks but puts on a good face in front of her parents and their friends and so forth. She's manipulative in that way. Everyone thinks she's such a sweet princess so then if I ever bring up the fact that we don't get along I look like the snot, not her. I tried for several years to get to know her better and become friends but she just became meaner and meaner. She likes to insult and belittle me. It's so unnecessary. Now I just respect her and am kind but don't go out of my way for her, it's not worth it anymore. I did that too many times and was just slapped in the face with cruel remarks. Oh well, her loss.
@Ashgun (472)
28 Jun 07
Yeah i do have one and i HATE her! She is rude and she is elder than me and thinks that she can rule... I live with her and i wished that i get a job very quickly so that i can move out of that house and live happily... Those Sister-in-laws are a true headache!!!
@Lydia1901 (16354)
• United States
11 Apr 07
I think you should just ignore her and let it be. Sometimes, people will be rude to you, but you just got to be cool and be nice to them anyways. Thankfully, all my sisters-law love me and aren't rude to me at all. I guess I just got lucky and married into a family that are just nice to everyone including me.