fashion and revolution ...

United States
April 11, 2007 12:17pm CST
here i am again .. well this is another factor of my research that affects fashion and the way of clothing ... i want the reviews of you all how does a revolution in a country and in the whole world can affect the way of clothing .. for example .. before the world wars women used to wear ball gowns, and very feminine dresses . but during the world war people were more likely to save their lives then to dress up .. and it that situation in so many wrecked up places even if they would find a small piece of clothe they would cover themselves .. and that evolved skirts and mini skirts, in some other situations women were also taking part in war by helping the hospitals and nursing home .. so they had to dress up like men in pants and shirts .. so they could carry themselves easily .unlikely in ballgowns . so that brought a new meaning to a fashion in the whole wide world . so i want reviews of you guys .. how does different revolutions affected fashion in past in your country and in the world . and how is it gonna affect in the future .. and how is it affecting now .. thanks .. i need ur reviews to complete my research so i will appreciate detailed replies . thanks
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