starting in the stock market?

@getjimmy (2245)
October 19, 2006 12:53pm CST
So i was interested in starting in the stock market. I am pretty young, 21, and dont really know how to go about it. I've done a little work with stocks and stuff in my econ class in high school but very minimal. i would only start with $100-$200 or something around there but i wanna get a feel of it b4 i invest anything more than that. I know the risks of losing it all and i would not put more money in then i can afford to lose and not affect any other aspect of my life other than a little disappointment. Now the part that confuses me is how to go about investing. Im guessing you cant just invest in a certain stock without going thru a company and probably paying them. What would be the best option for me to pay the least amount to a company to get going. I know i dont have much money so i'd rather spend it actually investing then paying fees to invest. Any help would be appreciated thank you
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