April 11, 2007 12:32pm CST
www.tip.it is very good site about runescape, it has got many colculators, guides, and other stuff that ypu need for better rs playing.
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@bobbyjoe143 (1287)
15 Apr 07
when i used to use qquest guides i always used www.runehq.com, but now i can't use it for that lol as i have the quest cape (yes i completed them all, many thanks to hq for alot of them) and now i have to do the new quests that come out without a guide. i still use hq, but mainly for treasure trail help, on the co-ordinate clues, it saves me loads of time trying to use the sextant chart and watch... i use www.rsbandb.com for the calculators (though hq calcs are better for determining combat) and i use www.runescape-tip.com for money making guides, the forum is especially good for getting tips on training and money making stuff :)
• United States
13 Apr 07
I agree that tip.it is a good site. It provides you with much knowledge on quests, skills, and other info about runescape. Also try www.runehq.com . I have found that runehq has an even better quest guide. They both really help when playing Runescape and I use them quite frequently.
@Lafesta1 (23)
• Lithuania
11 Apr 07
thank you for whsi site;)
@vytioxa (15)
• Lithuania
11 Apr 07
It`s very good site