GD Tips & Tricks / Want to crack GDs

@misdss (472)
April 11, 2007 2:21pm CST
Hi friends , I just want to get you aware that how to crack a GD.. A Group Discussion is a simulated exercise, ehre you cannot suddenly put up a show, since the evaluators will see through you easily.GD is a discussion by a group of people which involves an excjange of thoughts and ideas. GD are largely used by institutes where there is a high level of competetion. the number of participants in a group may vary 8 to 15 people. In most cases a topic or a sitution is given to the group and the members have to discuss it within a given period of time. A Group Discussion Consists of:.. 1-Good Communication Skills 2-Knowledge and ideas regarding a given subject. 3-Capability to co-ordinate and lead 4-Exchange of thoughts 5-Addressing the group as a whole 6-Through preparations There are some simple procedures that can help you to foster equal and open sharing in group discussions, whether with fellow teachers or with your students. A good description of your objective is- to be noticed to have contributed significantly in an attempt to help the group reach the right consent. if anybody in mylot to contribute in this topic may respond..
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