which darren song is your favorite

April 11, 2007 4:42pm CST
well its really hard to say which one is my favorite because most of his songs are my favorite. And i cannot just name one. but now im really hook with: 1 i cant ever get enough of you 2 i miss you 3 like it or not all are from spin album. even when he is still with savage garden i really like i knew i love you and crash and burn, how about you guys out there?
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• Tokelau
28 Dec 10
i love Insatiable, Walk Away and Strange Relationship actually, i'm listening Walk Away just now ^^
• Philippines
30 Jan 11
thanks for posting, yeah those songs were great too ^.^ he really has a beautiful voice.
@A1sonic (26)
• United States
17 May 07
Same here, Darren's songs are all great. He has such a talent and everyone of his songs I always find myself loving no matter what it is about. X3 My top 10 favorites would have to be (cause really I can't just pick 3 and its still hard to pick 10! @.@) : 1. Affirmation 2. Hero 3. Gunning down romance 4. All Around Me 5. Insatiable 6. What you Like 7. Strange Relationship 8. I want You 9. Break Me Shake Me 10. Pop!ular Though those are my top favorites(not in any order) I find all his songs wonderful and he is also a wonderful person (this coming from a Trekker fan~ XD ) as well. ^-^
• Philippines
18 May 07
i finally got the spark and the tension album. yeah pop!ular is just great as the rest of the album ^.^ thanks