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United States
April 11, 2007 7:10pm CST
Do you ever wonder why the biggest fear most people have is public speaking?? In fact, it is the number one fear...even about dieing. Why is that??? I for one, LOVE public speaking. In fact, I am going to speaking at two women's conferences this summer and I can't wait. If you could speak in front of a large crowd about something you are passionate about, what would it be?? Do you think you would be nervous??
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@chloe9013 (532)
12 Apr 07
Funnily enough my fear of speaking to lots of people started as soon as i went to high school (senior school) When i was very young i was always the lead in school plays and i had no trouble speaking up or to lots of people. Then i went to big school and all my confidence vanished and only got worse. Now i actually feel sick at the thought of speaking to alot of people. I loved english in school apart from when we had to stand at the front of the class and read something we wrote lol.
• United States
12 Apr 07
but IF you weren't afraid, what would you speak about?? Certainly, there is something you are passionate enough about to speak in front of a group.. Come on.. dig a little. :-)
• Canada
12 Apr 07
I get very nervous and shy around people I know and this makes public speaking very hard for me so I stay away from anything like that if I can . I am always afraid that I will say the wrong thing or others won't get the message I am trying to send . If I were talking about something I was passionate about , I would still be nervous and would miss a lot of good points to make as I would concentrate more on the people watching me then what it was I wanted to say . I believe it is the idea that so many people are watching you and listening to everything that you have to say and this can be a lot of pressure on someone who is uncomfortable in crowds :)