Is the feedback system on eBay tainted? Does the system fail?

United States
April 11, 2007 9:13pm CST
I have sold on eBay many times and it never fails that I have dealt with people on eBay who jump to give negative feedback. Most of the those who have done so have had a feedback score of less than 20 or so themselves. One guy gave me a negative feedback because he thought I was relisting his item when it was actually a duplicate. Another gave me a negative saying that I didn't respond to his emails. All of his emails were sent in a half hour slot(there were 6 of them) and i responded as soon as I read them. The negative was already given. I have had them removed but that is a lot of trouble. Anyone else dealt with this?
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• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
i experienced that that time i was having internet connection problem for about a i couldn't check my of the buyer left me negative feedbacks after 3 days the auction finished.i was so angry till i left negative feedback to the buyer too.the buyer threathen to spoil my reputation on ebay by telling bad things to alll her friends.i even reported this to ebay.the buyer's account can be suspended for threathening seller but i just leave the matter like use of solving the problem with that kind of i signed up for new seller my feedbacks is 100 % positive and i am happy with it
@charles63 (146)
• United States
13 Apr 07
On the whole I think the feedback system on eBay works well. I've been stung one time as a buyer, not a seller, after I left a negative rating and the seller retaliated. As a buyer I find the feedbacks useful. If a seller feels that that a negative rating was given unfairly, he or she can reply with a comment. I don't let a less than perfect rating deter me from buying from a seller as long as there are plenty of positive ratings to compensate.
@natalie1981 (2000)
• Singapore
12 Apr 07
So far, I haven't. But if your positive feedback does outweigh your negative, I don't think people would mind the negative feedback at all specially if you use that thing where you can comment on your feedback. In some cases, the sellers, when someone gave them a feedback that they don't answer emails, the seller will just respond by saying that he did send emails and the person was a moron, something like that. I rely on feedbacks a lot.
@goldjay (465)
• United States
12 Apr 07
I have had this happen once or maybe twice where a person gave me negative feedback for no good/real reason. However, I have received so much positive feedback because what I sell is really what I describe that my positive feedback far outweighs my negatives. My advice is to describe your goods very carefully and disclose everything you can.