rich beggar

April 11, 2007 10:23pm CST
What the power of money can do ....i am from india, near to our office there is a bridge and below that,one beggar was living from long time. he was a old man no one knew his details where he came from, what was his name. whole day he sat on the footpath of the bridge and beg, later in the evening he comes down under the bridge and then cooks eats and sleep then again in the morning same thing. Nobody cared for him rather no one did. one morning when i went to office i saw some people were standing near the bridge i went there and asked a fellow what is this crowd for. He told the beggar lived under the bridge died.i was sad and started walking back to my office.Then I over heard some locals were discussing what to do with the body some said bury it by the side of the bridge because who will bear the expenses of the last rites. I felt hurt thinking that no one knew who or where he was from just a beggar. I was in my office suddenly heard some people were shouting , i came out and then saw lot of people was gathered on the bridge with lots of flower and mantras chanting means there was an big gathering i asked what is going on and to my sense this came out. The person told me that when they were moving the body they found 15,000 thousand indian currency under his cloths so they were doing his last rites. so see whwt is money is it some thing to use with or else think about the rich beggar under the bridge.
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