Have you ever seen a dead body?

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April 12, 2007 1:33am CST
I know this sounds ike a morbid subject, but I was just thinking about when I worked at our local prison. I was a medical clerk and we had an infirmary located at the back of our clinic. There was one guy who tied his sheet to the bed, looped it around the door knob, then around his neck. THen he layed down on the floor and hanged himself! What a way to do it!! We had cameras in the rooms, but they point toward the bed, not the door. and SInce he was lying by the door, no one noticed until the guard did his rounds. I saw them carry him out. It was really freaky!! There was also a guy who had cancer. He was pretty young, in his 20's. He coded and we all ran in. The Dr wanted a glucose level, so I'm standing there pricking his finger, but not getting any blood, since his heart had stopped. But then the Dr started CPR and every time he pushed on the guy's chest, I got a tiny drop of blood from his finger! He actually revived, but died a few days later.
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13 Apr 07
I have seen a few actually. I saw my great grandmother when I was like 4 in her open funneral thingy. The worse was FINDING my grandma when she passed last year. My sister saw her last breath but didnt know it. While I found her not breathing. It was so horrible me and my sister abandoned the house while they took the body away. :((
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