How do you find "Pretty Woman" ?

April 12, 2007 2:53am CST
There is no impossible in this world...these are the lines that im counting on.I know that everybody in this world deserve to have someone that will love them back and be happy up to the end..." pretty woman" is one of my favorite movie of all times because it really touches my heart.It maybe hard to believe because the stories curled up with a business man who gets in love with a hooker??? yeah, its very impossible but in this movie they made it prove to their audience that it is possible. One thing i noticed in this movie is the story itself wherein the twist is so nice,. very romantic one.i've watched it for almost 20times...believe me! its true...
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@invana (11)
• China
24 Apr 07
well,it's really a romantic and amazing love story.but I insist that such thing will never happen in our real life.Life is not a story or movie,it needs repeating day after day,it's realistic.Such love relationship will be very fragile in real life.
• United States
12 Apr 07
You don't really see a hooker and a business man finding love but I think that in life, anything's possible. You can't help who you fall in love with and I think that movie really shows it.