Have u ever dream to immgrate to usa through Dv lottery?

April 12, 2007 4:12am CST
did u try to immgrate to usa through dv lottery wich the government of the usa present each year ..i do but im not alucky person cause i jointed since 2000 and never win that visa although alot of friends get it and they did not want that when they mad it they did for fun ..see anyway the resulate for new one will be next month please pry for me so i can chnage my future and my kids future to.
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• Malaysia
12 Apr 07
no, i never dream to immegrate to USA, even go to USA i don't dream it, it because to me USA is not a safe place and i'm proud to stay at my country, i want to contribute to my country, give something to my country. I know USA is offer a lot of job, money, that what human need for live, even that their currency is the strongest one. If you have dollar and bring back to your country maybe you can be rich, but... for me to immigrate to another country is no need for me because right now my country economy is stable and still offer job, maybe the pays not like USA but here still have a job. but for you when you move to USA it will be good thing to you kids, so just do it, work harder to immegrate. and i hope u leave at USA happly ever after.