Poetry, stress relief, what meaning could it hold for you?

United States
April 12, 2007 4:22am CST
Most of the time when I begin writing I never know where it will end or where I'm going with it. I just try my best to let it flow out of me and into some coherent form of thought provoking material. I always feel relieved in some way when I complete whatever it is I decide to write down. It is nice to be able to bring what is in my head into another form of existence, it has always meant a lot to me. Even if I am the only one that understands what I write in the way it was originally in my head, that is just fine because I know that someone else can get another viewpoint on my thoughts and apply it to their own mindset, and then when that happens; well I could hope for nothing more. Although, even if no one ever sees my writings, thats perfectly fine as well; because they were not meant for others nor just me but to be released into existence. What meaning do your writings hold? Why do you write?
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@ESKARENA1 (18299)
12 Apr 07
i think writing of all sorts is a great stress relief. First of all poetry allows . much like art, an expression of feelings and emotions that can not easily be expressed any other way. Also I feel writing allows us to get our thoughts in order. I work with some of the most violent men in the uk and i know how poetry helps them get to the bottom of their anger simply by getting it all out of their head and down on paper. It really doesnt matter who else sees it, its the fact that it is written at all that counts blessed be
12 Apr 07
Why do I write? It is in my blood. I have a passion for it. It is a way to express myself, what I am feeling or seeing. I have a vivid and sometimes wild imagination which I just let run away with me when I have a pen in my hand. I always take pen and paper with me. I never kno when something is going to pop into my head that I want to write down. Writing is my life, my reason for being.