Sweetwater campground in Loranger, LA

camping - Sweetwater campground in Loranger, LA
United States
April 12, 2007 6:16am CST
This past weekend my family and I went camping there over the easter holiday. Its a pretty nice campground and we had fun even though it was freezing out there and even sleeted on night in the beginning of April. There were activities set up during the day and night which is really nice. If you want to get involved you can if not you don't have to. My 2 year old daughter enjoied they pony ride for $3 it was worth it. She loved it and cried when it was time to get off. The hayride was kind of boring all though we got to see other parts of the campground we would of not seen by just sitting around a campfire. We did get to light a campfire at the campsite but you have to bring your own wood. The bathhouses were not that great. There are only 3 stalls for showers and 3 stalls for toilets with no locks on the door. There is a pool which we didn't get to enjoy b/c of it being so cold but it looks nice. There is also a resturant where you can eat at if you don't feel like cooking which was nice to have.There is also a large area where you can ride 4 wheelers. Which is pretty neat. All and all I think it will be awhile before I visit this campground again. They are building it up and I think I will wait for that.
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