Filipina looking for a foreign husband

@capssy07 (207)
April 12, 2007 7:38am CST
Many filipinas nowadays look for foreigneers ask their partners in life. This can be proven my looking at the most internet shops in the country. So, how do you react on this.
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• Philippines
13 Apr 07
I've seen a lot of Filipina doing it and also being with them too... So I totally understand what's going on. First I would like to double quote this "Not all Filipina are seeking for foreigner and for their Money". However, I'm not saying that this is not happening. IT IS... Most of them are from province trying to escape from poverty and I don't blame these people they are just a victim from our cruel government. I also feel bad about the foreigners who are taking advantage of their situation. (IM NOT SAYING ALL FOREIGNERS) If these poor people only have a choice do you think they will stick to a STINKY OLD MAN? (Well I say this cause most foreigners who's seeking for a girl to marry here are OLD sometimes way too old) I don't think so... And to all foreigners what do you expect from the bar girls your dating? Of course you get what you pay for... Most of the foreigner are into Bar girls here in the Philippines and with that, most Filipina are being generalized with what they get from it. I'm not degrading bar girls not all are like that but MOST are. Foreigners want that because that's what they can ONLY afford... Do u ever notice a sexy handsome American with a sexy gorgeous Filipina? VERY RARE huh! On the brighter side, there's really such thing as true love when it comes to filipina - foreigner relationship. I say this because my bestfriend who happened to have an American bf for more than a year now is doing good on their relationship. The funny part here is most of us think that americans/foreigners are rich... THAT IS NOT TRUE! Her boyfriend is a permanent resident here in the Philippines and working here as well. He is struggling like hell to earn money through online. His Filipino business partner took all his money. Just a whooping 4 Million Pesos! So now he cant even celebrate his 1st anniversary with her gf cause they dont have money. So my bestfriend resigned from her work (she usually earn P30,000 a month from it), gave up her monthly allowance coming from her Dad (which is $1000 - their kindda rich - her dad is in London right now. She have an agreement with her Dad that if she works outside she's not going to get any allowance from him.) JUST for her to be able to be with this guy and help him. So she did it. They are starting from the scratch. Good thing they have some stuff to sell for their everyday expenses. And YES age doesn't matter only 15 years gap! His voodoo spell really works hehehe... So now tell me do you think that all Filipina is up to money?
10 Oct 10
hey.. we are one of the rare.. :)
@klystron635 (1520)
• Philippines
12 Apr 07
Do you think so? Do you really think that the people, especially the ladies in the computer shop are looking for foreign husbands. Let us not generalize all of the Filipina. I don't know why they are doing that. Maybe because of poverty and they are looking for an easy way out. Maybe they just want to meet new people with different culture. Maybe they really are waiting for their right man in the net.
@jc_star10 (954)
• Indonesia
13 Apr 07
First of all, not just Filipina that looking for a foreign husband. That's happened to my country too. I think there was one assumption that said if you able to get a foreign husband, your will raise your status among society, you will in well-financial, you will get a better life. All of us want to gain a better life in marriage. And with those assumption, people will start to looking for a foreign husband. In my country, having a foreign husband will make you more important in society. People will look at you with admiration, and start to respect you. Even though i thought that pretty absurd. The quality of marriage, well being and better life is not judged by having a foreign husband or not.
@tombiz (2039)
• Philippines
12 Apr 07
Well, this is actually a not so encouraging trend these days. After our days as Japayuki, we are now known as a great source of internet brides/wives. In fact there is a site that pays in dollars just to upload your pictures and personal details -- which the company also supplied to their clients abroad. Practically speaking, there is nothing we can do really as these ladies are just looking for a greener pasture, to escape the poverty the country is still in. The only thing there is to provide a stricter regulation not on using the internet but on matters of marriage so as to avoid our fellow Filipinas be victims of human sharks lurking in the corners thru the use of the internet.