tell about my feeling now

April 12, 2007 7:55am CST
I foung i am wrong in the way of learning about english.I had made a terrible mistake before and wasted for my previous time and the most regretful things was i felt i gad did nothing to promote my english before.I do really know my english is very poor now.I constantly thought about why my english is so poor after six years learning for these days.I found the secret is i do onlu take my time to learn how to spell a word not to use the word.It is really a wrong way to learn a language i found.What is a language used for?TO TEEL THE Truth it is for communacating,right? If you donnt use your word you learn you will foget it soon.It is the same as my mother language CHINESE..There is a common in all the language in the world is to speak. I was very asgamed if my wors is limited before,but what i got to spell words constantly?pnly one thing "forgetting" To be a member of english speaking country,how do you think my viewpoint? Regard your reponding
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