Has anyone ever made any money doing the paid for Surveys stuff?

United States
April 12, 2007 8:07am CST
Hi, Have you seen the ads where they say they will pay you to do surverys? I have found it to be nothing but a big rip off. You pay like $35 and they say you are sent to the best surveys, however, I have never made any money on these things. Warning to all: think twice before paying any money to these people. Any thoughts or advice on this topic? Thank you Kindly VictoryWins
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@kathy77 (7488)
• Australia
16 Apr 07
Hi Yes I have made money from surveys I received $50 not so long ago from doing surveys and I do them every day actually to add up to my redemption amount. Oh no I do not pay anything to receive them at all they are free. If you are looking for any others that you do not have to pay a cent to then please contact me so I can help you.
@toolfan (305)
• United States
16 Apr 07
This is the secret about Paid Surveys. The $35 you spend REALLY IS for a service, believe it or not. They do give you a list of some free sites that you can go to in order to register, and get paid. THIS IS THE SECRET, though. The "Proof of Payment" that they actually give you is money collected from a LEGAL pyrmaid scheme. They show you that they make you $30 over and over again from surveys. This is actually from getting people to sign up. The "service" of setting you up with all of the survey sites is the only thing that keeps it legal. They can't simply charge you $35 for nothing. So, if you look at it that way, it is like any other system. Refer people to the program, and make $30 per referral!!! That's it. The fact that they say they make that kind of money from completing surveys is completely false. Secondly, I have been paid over $100 this month from surveys. I just completed one this morning for $15 to check out a new TV show called "American Shopper." Bottom line...you do have to weed through all of the "Sweepstakes Entries" to get to the ones that pay cash. There is a secret to them, though, and I'll let you know if you want to PM me. Hope this helps.
@ricknkae (1726)
• United States
15 Apr 07
I do a lot of surveys and I make quite a nice amount of money with them and all the sites I am in are all FREE You can check the link in my profile if you want I have on this site a list of free to join survey sites that did pay me
@4cuteboys (4102)
• United States
12 Apr 07
I have never done that, nor would I pay $35 to do a survey because I think that's probably a scam. My husband does surveys at pinecone research, and a few other places. they pay well, and it doesnt cost us anything. Also as a bonus sometimes they send us stuff to try out, like a new style of juice boxes one time, socks another. Pretty cool.