Will you tell a friend that her best friend is dating her 6 years ex-boyfriend?

April 12, 2007 9:07am CST
O' yes, there is a saying, BEST FRIENDS BEST ENEMIES... Do you believe in that saying? Well, I do. I've heard lots of issues about it. Sometimes the person you trust most is the person motive for evil. Thats why it's important to save some trust for yourself, don't throw it all away to others. Me and my boyfriend have this friend, His name is Zach, well, Zach is a quiet type of guy, rich, cute, humble, naughty at times, He's one hell of a boy- next- door kind of guy. Zach has an ex- girlfriend, named Kathleen, we use to call her Kattie, She's cute has a humorous personality, nice and witty. Mark had loved her so much but then, time came that Kattie needs to find a greener pasture in her life, but it doesn't mean that she's turning her back with Zach and forgetting everything, she promised that she will always be there for Zach. They become good friends, but Zach's emotion for Kattie is still there. They used to go to clubs as groups, ussually with Mary Jane, Kattie's best friend, as well as their other pears (barkadas- in Filipino). Zach still wants to be reconciled with Kattie, so he ussually talks with Mary Jane for him to get advices and Mary Jane served as a bridge of both parties. Zach feels free of telling her all his aches and hardship in getting Kattie again, talking to Mary Jane surely take pains away. Kattie has completely recovered in their relationship and really decided to move on. She explained everything to Mary Jane and Mary Jane explained it to Zach. Since then Zach and Mary Jane talk a lot over the phone, Mary Jane had been his confidant. In a period of time they get to be real close with each other, they are very comfortable with each other. Soon they realized that they can be couples, so they made an agreement of trying it, but zipping each mouth to their friends. Being with each other had been one of the most wonderful moments in their lives. But a lie will not be kept forever, so little by little it was revealed. But Kattie still don't know about it, but if she gets there will surely be a problem, misunderstanding, gap, or even the end of their beast friendship... WIll you tell Kattie about it? or, you will just *ZIPPPPPPPPPPP it*
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