I had new unopened formula and no one would take it!

@4cuteboys (4103)
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April 12, 2007 9:29am CST
I had a huge can of powder baby formula, and 2 32oz cans of ready to feed formula. I had bought it and my son couldn't use it. New, sealed, and the expiration date was summer 08 on all of it. So the boy scouts left a bag for canned goods with a promised pick up date. On the bag it said canned goods and they were desprately seeking baby formula, so I though AHA! I'll put in my formula along with some canned goods. I put it outside the night before the pick up date in case they came early in the morning. And guess what? then NEVER came! I brought it in late at night and put it back the next few days and NOTHING. I was so upset! Do you think I should find a number and call and complain? I mean that is just annoying, I wanted to help! And plus what is it teaching the kids to drop off the stuff, and never follow through with the task? What do you think?
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@Dana5881 (609)
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12 Apr 07
That sucks they never came and picked it up. You wanted to help them out and they didn't finish their job. I would be mad to. Do you know what troop it was? Because then you could call and let them know they never came. It would have been bad if they would have come and there was nothing in the bag but for you to put the stuff in there and never had it picked up is a shame.
12 Apr 07
I hate that! I quite often get charity bags come through the door I fill them up but 50% of the time they dont get picked up. It does annoy me some what beens you'd think a charity would be greatful for the donation.
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13 Apr 07
Those sneaky little boy scouts! i've always wondered about that organization. haha, just kidding, it is a shame they didn't return and pick up your forumla though since you were being super nice and trying to help out the less fortunate, seems like not enough people do that anymore. Where have all the do-gooders gone!!