How to make a small telescope.

April 12, 2007 10:28am CST
The objective lens is a biconvex of focal length 100cm and the eyepiece biconvex lens of 5cm focal length, both lens are 5cm dia.(These 2 lens are cheap & are available.) The only thing is de outer casing made up of two PVC pipes(2.5" and 2") connected by a connector as shown in fig.You will get a magnifying power of 20x. Please reply your suggestions...
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• India
26 Jul 09
To be frank telescope making is real fun but not all that easy. well if you are planning to make a refractor then there is nothing much to worry perhaps the quality of the main lens is "the" thing that you should be worried about But on the other hand if you plan to build a Reflector telescope then there are many variables that come into the will have to think of several things like avoiding turned down ,astigmatism,center hill,zones ,oblates etc. i sincerely believe that if you are under good guidance and if you have a lot of patience then you can make a wonderful mirror even if you are a beginner reading books on Amature Telescope Making do help in making a mirror but personal guidance will be necessary and cannot be substituted.