Do you show sympathy to street dogs

Dogs  - Dogs culling and protection of street dogs by animal activist
@jetling (233)
April 12, 2007 12:11pm CST
Dog is best human companion and most trusted domesticated animal in the world. There are number of dogs which are born and brought out in the streets and which live on mercy of people. But there are some rules which restrict elimination of street dogs on account of spread of rabies. There are two views on regard the culling of dogs the animal lovers considered that the animals have right of survival and all animals are not danger to human beings as such, as in case of dogs only some street dogs have been affected by rabies as there is no authorities which over see periodical immunization of dogs. It is high time to create such authorities to oversee. But there is another theory which argues that animal rights are no important as considered to human rights. The rabid gods are menace to the society which shall beculled mercelesseouly.
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