What kind of person are you?

Types of people (Optimistic or pessimistic) - This is just to describe the two basic kinds of people.
@eseomame (1146)
United States
April 12, 2007 12:18pm CST
Ok, I was watching this serial, when a father was scolding his son about not having any savings... and then the son retorted..."Well, you never give me enough money in the first place". The father then said to the son "Little drops of water...", expecting the son to complete the statement the usual way, but surprisingly, the son said "Little drops of water get evaporated easily". The essence of this story is to highlight the two basic types of people... The Optimist and the Pessimist, and we belong to one set or the other, either fully or partly. So, my dear friends, which group do you belong to? I think I belong to basically to the "Little drops of water make a mighty ocean" group in more ways than not... what about you?
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• India
12 Apr 07
yeah, right. even i would go with the thought that, "little drops of water make a mighty ocean".