@jhaspher (105)
United States
April 12, 2007 1:16pm CST
How sure are you that your partner is honest with you? Do you believe on anything he/she say?
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• United States
16 Feb 08
all my ex's wives and girlfriends usually just call me lazy stupid or just dumb guy with no future..and they don't want to see me no more! but then i just laugh and pull the covers over my head and say."whatever"
@lifetalk (681)
• Pakistan
12 Apr 07
Well, as a matter of fact, yes i do. SInce she's been with me for a long time now, almost 4 years, we really trust each other a hell lot. I mean, i feel that i can blindly rely on her. And she does care. Dont have anything more to say, cze i cant stress enough on that fact. We're just one of those perfect couple, and i plan to remain like that forever if possible!
@missjackie (1328)
• Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12 Apr 07
I've known my partner for almost 11 years. I know my partner is honest because I trust him. I choose to trust him. He has never lied to me. So, there's no reason for me not to trust him.
• United States
12 Apr 07
My ex husband and I, who are now dating again, had the whole honesty issue thing going on through the marriage. So now I can say that we are totally honest with each other and I believe anything he tels me at this point. That's what trust is all about I guess.