Worst two courses? Mine were Philosophy and Statistics...let's poll

@carlena1 (120)
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April 12, 2007 1:50pm CST
This way students will know what to prepare or watch out for. I got a D in both of them in undergrad.You can't drop the ball at any point of either course!!!!
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12 Apr 07
I am a communications major, but there were two classes I absolutely hated. One was English I. First of all, didn't I just take four years of this in high school? I need two more semesters of it now? Also, I couldn't find a professor to keep me interested. I would routinely convince myself to skip class and go hang out, telling myself I would "just make the work up and pass the final." Having taken it three different times, you can tell the motivation wasn't there for me. And math, although I take it to Stats in general. I lacked the enthusiasm for math, ever since I was in elementary school, but these tougher classes made it more difficult for me to follow the course. I am a decent math student, but when I am uninterested, like I was in college math classes, then I lose all hope... lol. I got through them, and I am never looking back... hahaha.