Whats your favourite friend's one liner

April 12, 2007 2:53pm CST
Mine is of course the immortal HOW U DOIN. and when Monica's childhood boxes get ruined Ross says to their dad..'My stuff is safe and her stuff is growing new stuff'...
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• Canada
17 Apr 07
one classic line that is always funny to me would have to be "we were on a break, it always comes back in later years in such funny moments. i can't really remember anything else off the top of my head.
18 Apr 07
yeah that was a classic as well. I remember thats one of the last dialog uttered in the last episode as well.
• India
15 Apr 07
my fav line is when chandler finds out joey has been using his toothbrush for a while now...and yells at him...joey asks why cant they when they se the same soap and says..."think of the last thing i wash and the first thing i wash!" eeeeeeekkkksss!!! i know...but it got me thinking for such a long time!
15 Apr 07
it seems chandler is the main man when it comes to one liners. There is one SCENE when Monica and Chandler are baby sitting Emma and they decide to 'do it to try for a baby'. But when they get going Chandler realizes the baby's there and says I can't do this, to which Monica replies SERIOUSLY I KNOW U ARE NOT 18 ANYMORE BUT GIVE IT A MINUTE....Lol
• Indonesia
13 Apr 07
My favorite friends is friendly,and interest at me.just enough
13 Apr 07
I am talking about the tv show here. One of my another all time favourite would be Jannas "Oh my God" Chandler: OH Come on
• United States
13 Apr 07
I love alot of the stuff that comes out of Chandler's mouth. He is my favorite character and he is hot...but my favorite one liner is... HOW YOU DOIN'? - Joey My son does it all the time and he is only four.