The double standard in racism.

@xfahctor (14131)
Lancaster, New Hampshire
April 12, 2007 3:17pm CST
I know for a fact that Im going to be torn apart for this but i feel it has to be said. Rapper m1 in his "music" uses lyrics like "slap a white boy". Now if we change the word white to black, what would happen? people would be screaming, lawsuits would ensue and carreers would probably be ended. I just listened to m1 defend this very line in the song by stating that it was part of the fight against white capitalist, white system and that it was justified. He also said to change the word to black would be racist and not justifiable because of the oppression of blacks. So, do you belive racism works both ways? Do you believe it is slowly developing a double standard?
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@fliffy555 (1045)
12 Apr 07
I know this is going to sound awful and I am probably going to sound racist (Id like to point out that I am not!)But I so beleive that racism only works one way. Towards anyone who isnt white. If someone is white and an asian or a african or anyone says something like i dont like you because you are white they are seen as defending themselves against whites I have an example incase I dont seem to be coming across very well: The last big brother in the uk allowed shilpa shetty the bollywood actress to be there as it was a celebrity one. Now her and Jade Goody (a white british celeb) didnt get on from day one and that was obvious. But she made remarks that if had been thrown at me I would consider racist. Jade also threw remarks back like. shilpa poppadom or something like that. OUTRAGE! instantly jade goody was seen as a racist. she was not allowed to go to india. Shilpa won big brother. I was annoyed that even though I do not class people by where they came from etc. But i couldnt believe it. The british were classed as being racist but miss shetty was not! Where in a fact they were both as bad as each other! You mention rappers. I think they are the worst for it! And I get rather annoyed by all the racism between all races! As only whites are considered racist! Its an outrage!
15 Apr 07
That is a very good poitn you brought up about Shilpa and Jade. Shilda was talking down to Jade and talking to her in disgust. It wasn't justified but Jade retaliated with a hint of racism. I think the real reason she was made into the bully and Shilpa wasn't was because chavness (which is what Jade represents) is out of fashion. It was just a fad and for too long she was celebrated for being a chav - the media really made her what she was because they gave her thick head a voice. Now it's out of fashion and everyones fed up with chavs, every paper was itching to shout racist at Jade as soon as she crossed the line. It was so easy to scream at her to because she was so defenceless, no one hounded Jo or Danielle about it because they didn't burst into tears and go 'Im sorry im sorry, i am such a horrible person!!' on tv. You are right racism does only work one way, if I was called Andy Roast beef (lol rediculous) by a person of another ethnicity, I wouldn't give a damn.
@PunkyMcPunk (1477)
• Canada
13 Apr 07
I am not racist and I hate the fact that I felt the need to state that up front. Since we know have gay rights, and colour rights, womens rights, I am beginning to see that the average white guy is "screwed". Where are his rights? Who defends him? Why are we always looking for slight? What is wrong with society?
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@Impervious (1154)
• United States
13 Apr 07
There is an absolute double standard. Don't be disappointed about the response rate though. I have two posts that are simular one did well and the other bombed. I think that alot of people have problems with even acknologing their feelings on race. They are afraid to admit what they think for fear of judgement. Personally I am at times racist. However it is important to note that this is not a part of myself that I am proud of and It is one that I work very hard to try to and overcome. Once again allow me to reitterate that I absolutely believe that there is a double standard. The perfect example is the Imus situation. As I have pointed out in other related discussions why isn't jessie jackson and al sharpden persueing the rappers for promoting racism. If they truely care and want to make a difference then racism needs to be addressed in all of its forms.
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• United States
22 Apr 07
I'm so tired of hearing the words "racist!" and "bigot!" thrown about, especially by people who fit those labels. I had a similar discussion on another board not long ago, and a black guy that I've talked to many times happened to be uptight that night. Instead of his usual debating tactics, he went off on a tirade and told another guy that he was clearly a racist. He finished his message by calling the guy a redneck. I responded by saying it was hypocritical for him to rave about bigotry or racism and then call someone else a redneck. He said it was different, because of the "history." He claimed redneck is not hateful or hurtful but words and stereotypes used against blacks are. I was surprised to hear it from this particular guy, but not surprised overall.
@xfahctor (14131)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
22 Apr 07
loo, I myself consider myself a redneck.....but yeh, it does seem that it only works one way doesnt it
• United States
23 Apr 07
I'm actually a Yankee "born and raised," but now live in the South and get called a redneck. It doesn't really bother me, or at least it wouldn't, if it wasn't a double standard.