pets-dog or cat

United States
April 12, 2007 3:25pm CST
I am thinking about getting a new pet but cant decide between a dog or a cat..i think dog but then u gotta walk them and they bark alot..and a cat well it will just lay around with you and easier to take care of..what do u think
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@7nicole1 (1634)
• Canada
12 Apr 07
Well if it was up to me i would pick a dog. I have grown up with cats and although they seem independant they are alot of work to keep up with. They scratch holes in furniture, cough up gross hair balls, whine when they are in heat sometimes and not to mention you have to clean the litter box everyday. At least with a dog it pee's outside and so what if you got to walk it or pick up its poop. A dogs love and the right breed makes for a perfect pet to have. I have 2 big dogs that are so well behave and although I have to walk then alot at least they arent going to the bathromm in the house. Also I personally think a dog is more interactive then a cat every could be.