Do opposites attract ?

@OURDEW (4812)
United States
April 12, 2007 3:27pm CST
What do you think. My husband are I are complete opposites. How about you and your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend are you more the same or opposite. What do you think is better.
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• Philippines
14 Apr 07
opposites do attract and sometimes, opposites are more compatible to each other. my husband and i are somewhat opposite in some ways. what is good about it is that we complement what the other doesn't have. we teach each other what the other one doesn't know. we practically complete each other.
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• United States
12 Apr 07
I tend to agree with the idea that opposites attract. I suppose part of what it is is that you're intrigued by someone so different from yourself. It's a novelty, of sorts. Sadly, when the novelty fades, so does the relationship, generally speaking.
@didi13 (2927)
• Romania
1 May 11
That old adage "opposites attract" has long been proven. Indeed, especially when it comes to love relationships, the couple noticed that people are generally attracted to their opposites (extroverted the introverted, perceptive the judges). We are naturally attracted to individuals different from us as a testament to the challenge and why life seems interesting. We feel drawn to those who anumtie strengths that we do not have, is that a natural law of compensation. When they become a couple, individuals complete each other forming a whole in thought and action. There is a theory that contrast is a feature attraction to unconscious adaptation that helps us to offset our weaknesses with the help we receive from each other. It is equally interesting that, confronting us with people different from ourselves, the opposite of our personality, we come to the barriers we face unfamiliar new thinking and communication styles differ from our development and this requires us to self, to progress in adjustment. Individuals become so complete, fulfilled through confrontation with areas of life that we are the most difficult.