Do u remember any of ur dreams??

dreams - nights is an ocean of dreams and i wanna sink into it..
April 12, 2007 3:47pm CST
Our dreamworld!! It's a completely different world. Sometimes it's scary, sometimes sweet, and sometimes so adorable dat u don't wanna wake up at all.. Sometimes so meaningful and sometimes utter confusion dat u wake up completely messed up.. If u can recall any of ur dreams and u still cherish it, why not share it here.
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12 Apr 07
The last three dreams I can recall have all been baby or pregnancy related. I've either had a newborn, or in the last one it was newborn twins, or been pregnant. I feel like I'm being tortured with these dreams, as I would still be pregnant right now if my pregnancy hadn't been ectopic. I'm still dealing with feelings (sadness, grief, anger) over losing my pregnancy so I guess that's probably where these dreams are coming from.