How many people think that Don Imus did Rutgers University a favor???

Dallas, Texas
April 12, 2007 4:34pm CST
Do not get me wrong - I do not want any of my beautiful woman getting called nappy headed hos - or just hos - I think firing him was justified - BUT - Rutgers should send him a Thank You letter - Since when has a runner up ever got so much promotion - when has Rutgers Girls Basketball got any promotion. And I do not mean to say that just because they are girls - Many times I can not remember who the super bowl champions in football played. No one remembers the runner up. But since Don Imus called them that - they have been on the news constantly for the past 3 days - they have been on fox news - they are on Oprah now - and they are going to still get much more promotion. This will help their recruiting next year and bring money to their program. I think they ought to send Don Imus a thank you note for being so dumb because if he would not have said that, they would still be the unknown runner up. What do you think????
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
26 Apr 07
I did not feel firing his was a good descision. And I felt that showing the Gunmans pictures all over TV over and over.. I would have rather been watching IMUS in the morning than flashes of Cho on the screen all morning... .. I felt the stink was made out to be larger than it really should have been. He was out commenting his partner, and not meaning anything racial. He was saying these girls are tough real tough... and the statement came out of exaggerating how tough they were... I think the Girls ought to be thankful they got the spotlight for about two weeks... But I am sure many were not happen with how a joke made about them was thrown out of porportion, if a stink was to be made it shoould be made of h-- and not n-- .. - DNatureofDTrain