What if you were being Black Mailed?

@Pateos (79)
April 12, 2007 4:42pm CST
Im just wondering because i've been black mailed before. But have you ever been black mailed by anyone. Anyone wondering what black mailing is, it is when someone forces you to do something you don't want, and since you say no, they will either threaten to take something important away from you or anything that belongs to you. Anyways i've been blackmailed before ill tell you the story... It was a few years ago but my sibling always used to do this as he was not only older, but stronger, taller, smarter, andd i can't really think of anything else but he would always tell me that if i ever went came near his house or if i ever messed anything up that belonged to him, he would hurt me bad enough to bleed, or he'd do something else even worst. I was very stunned and told him that if ever he did that, and i did so by accident that i would seriously consider either suing him or i would be able to call the cops on him. Me and my sibling haven't had much of a good connection... Your story? Or have you ever been black mailed, you don't need to tell us the hole story.
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@tess1960 (2386)
• United States
12 Apr 07
What you described is not blackmail, it is bullying. Blackmail is when someone knows something about you that you do not want anyone else to know. They come to you or call you and say, I have this thing/proof that you did/didnot do this or that. You will pay me x amount of dollars or I will send the thing/proof to so and so. Or thwey may say you will break up with so and so or I will tell him/her the truth. Something like that. You brother is a bully, best you stay away from him for awhile, until he grows up. He may nmot though. Most bullies are cowards inside and childish!