ok, I'm married, tryin to get some?

United States
April 12, 2007 5:10pm CST
I have heard that in Ireland they have special rings (Claddah) or something like that. I'm only 1/16 Irish so no clue about where to get one or hoe to use it and proper etiquite, etc. Should the wedding ring be worn on the thumb or the middle finger when trying to get some, or on the thumb maybe? and does that other ring go on te same finger or or the pinky? And the heart goes which way?
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@Woodpigeon (3710)
• Ireland
14 Apr 07
We do have something called the Claddagh ring. You can wear it on whatever finger you like as a friendship ring. If you are giving it to someone special, you wear it with the heart side down to signify love and loyalty. I think you can get them everywhere, can't you? They are freely available all over Ireland, so any shop that has Irish items will have them. If you want to mail order one, you can get them at the claddagh.com
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@mobeans1 (28)
• United States
18 Apr 07
Actually you can purchase the rings in a Jewelry shop, I had seen them in the Pacific Coast Mall in California and also where I live here in PA. All Jewelry shops have the rings as far as I've seen. Here are some ways to use the rings: Worn on the right hand, crown turned inwards, your heart is yet occupied. Worn on the right hand, crown turned outwards, shows a special commitment to someone. Worn on the left hand, crown outwards means let our love and friendship last forever. Means no separation. In my Irish history the ring represented a strong relationship. I am half Irish, I came from the long line of the McFaddens and Sweeney's. So there is a lot of Irish in me. As far as the ring is concerned, they said that when it was made, it only had 2 hands and a heart in the middle, the ones that I have seen have the crown, I asked my aunt the difference and she told me that the Queen later added the crown. That is about all I can tell you, except that they do sell mens rings also. Good Luck!
@smacksman (6074)
18 Apr 07
As you are married, the usual place to wear a ring is through your nose so she can lead you about. haha