does working on ebay is risky?

United States
April 12, 2007 5:17pm CST
Do you think working on ebay is risky or do you believe that one should try at least once to start a business on ebay?
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@arkentos (213)
• India
12 Apr 07
I am new to this field too.but as far as i know working for e-bay needs you to be very much veteran in the field.once you understand its intricacies then you can do many good things too earn of luck by the way
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• United States
13 Apr 07
Hi sorry for grammatical mistake of my question it should be "Is working on ebay risky?"
@Willowlady (10666)
• United States
15 Apr 07
As long as you follow the rules and really read the descriptions and then only pay through PayPal then you should have a pretty good time of it. Not sure I would call it a business although some seem to do wonderfully. It does take time and if you can treat it like work then I think you can make a go of it. I have a store and need to put more things into it. I like it and have not had a problem yet. Good luck to you.
• Malaysia
13 Apr 07
before you should start a full time business on ebay you must do a research must know what things are on popular demand in ebay right now.but mostly are consumer electronics.there are a lot of sellers already selling these things in you must make sure you can compete with must find good product supply company to you and with low prices which you can make some must compare other seller's price as well.if you price are low many customers will attracted to buy from you.besides that you must give good customer service like respond to buyer's questions promptly and clearly.always be honest.when you first started i bet you will meet a lot of scammers and in order of preventing you from being cheated you must first start reading topics in ebay can get a lot of information from do not have to open store on ebay first.try selling a few items to get some positive feedbacks first.then only more buyers will trust you.everything have their risk the first time you wanna start.