Do you think peoples personalitys depend on their zodiac sing?

@galalmog (149)
United States
April 12, 2007 5:46pm CST
what do you think?
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@joycer (498)
• Sri Lanka
5 May 07
I am not quite sure about that. I know many people believe in zodiac signs. I think that your personality is based on how your family raised you. It depends on the environment you grew up. And also the genes has something to do with your personality too. I thinks sometimes it's just a coincidence, that your birth signs matches your personality. In additional, not all capricornians are very loving. Not all oxen are sensitive. That is just my point of view.
@tombiz (2039)
• Philippines
4 May 07
I don't think that Zodiac signs are powerful influence for a person's personality. Our oersonality is the result of many years of upbringing and biases in life. I am not an expert in Horoscopes or Zodiac Signs but I am sure that generally the signs got nothing to do with our personalities.
@r0131n (357)
12 Apr 07
People's personality depends on their upbringing and nothing to do with their zodiac sign. Well, that's why I think anyway. People who read it are being influenced by it. For instance, one of the traits of a virgo is being a perfectionist, I've read this so many times that I'm beginning to believe that I am indeed a perfectionist in whatever I do and so it leads on that I then become one. My star sign says that I am so therefore I should be. I don't see any harm in it as long as people pick out the good traits. The harm comes when people begin to generalise and pick only the bad traits.
@arkentos (213)
• India
12 Apr 07
as far as personality is concerned...someway it may be affected by zodiac signs.but personality cultivates through many yeras of experiences and those experiences make person to believe in something and not in something.mine is capricorn and somehow i am like other capricorn.hard -working and intelligent.