@noviare (139)
April 13, 2007 12:27am CST
In the past, when I'm still teenager, I didn't think that insurance is important and one of our needs in life. 'Cause i thought its only wasting money and didn't get any benefit at all! Nowadays I realise that insurance is one of important thing that people should have! Not trying to prefacing God, but we just don't know when we will get sick or dead or accident or what else. Insurance i think is one of guarantee to help lighten our financial burden, well even we have to pay for the policy, but i think its worth when something happen to us, but of course we don't want something bad happen of course! Instead, if we have moere than one insurance, it'll make us more safe, our financial burden is guaranteeed. But there's some of people do not want to have any insurance 'cause they think its precisely just add their burden with consistency payment, time period, etc. Now I have life insurance with investment, so i will get 2 benefit in 1. What do you think 'bout insurance?? Do you have any insurance?? For our self or our car or anything?? Or maybe do you have insurance more than one?
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