The Preacher's Wife, Mary Winkler

@Rozie37 (15503)
April 13, 2007 12:36am CST
What in the world would drive a preacher's wife to murder her husband? Money? Adultery? Madness? Revenge? Self Defense? All of these are motives, but it seems the most likely one in this case might just be the most common one, Money. There is one thing about this case that already does not add up. She claims that her husband was controlling to the point that he had to give her permission to get a hair cut. He physically, emotional, and verbally abused her and only God knows what else she is claiming, yet, she controlled the finances. How much control can a man really have over you if you are controling his money. I mean, come on, let's get real here people, even a child knows better than that. Then they said that she had some illegal goings on with other people checks. Maybe, she fell in a hole with her little plan and killed the husband for insurance money? Only, after she shot him and he still was still alive and asked her why she had done what she did and she responded by apologizing, it freaked her out. She was not expecting that. So she grabbed the kids and took off driving to God only know where and left him laying there, not knowing whether he would be saved in time or have a chance to speak to someone and accuse her or not. I wonder what she was planning to do if he had died immediately. My guess is that since preachers don't make a whole lot of money, she started doing a little illegal side work to keep herself living the life she craved. Like I said before, something went terribly wrong and the only way she could see to get out was to out her husband. Figuring he was worth more dead than alive. Although, this is what came to me mind, I am simply speculating. I could be and probably am totally wrong. I just feel that for a wife to kill her husband, it hast to be serious. Maybe, he was cheating with one of his female parishioners. All I know is that if she is planning to get away with this, she better come up with something better than abuse, because if she was handling the money, what was holding her there. She could have took the children and left while he was sleeping, she did not need to kill that man
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@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
14 Apr 07
It sounds crazy. I know that much. Did she have brusies or anything from the abuse? It's proberly like you said she killed him to cover up something.
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