My Dream House and the Palace of my Nightmare

Saudi Arabia
April 13, 2007 2:04am CST
I would like to share with you the tale of the two houses. One is about my Dream House and the other is about the Palace of my nightmare. My dream house cost just around $1,200 while the Palace was around $2,500,000 at this time and still some improvement going on. Let me emphazised with you that I joined MYLOT hopefully to achieved my Dream House as I have mentioned in my previous discussion. My dream house is for homeless Filipinos I hope to build for "Gawad Kalinga". My family and friends are into this mission and since I could not joined them physically being far away from home, I wished this medium could work to share. MY DREAMHOUSE!The physical aspect of the house has an area of approximately 25 square meters. This is just an open room that will function as Living Hall during daytime, Dining Hall during meal time, Bedrooms during nightime. There will be a Kitchen counter in one corner and a toilet just for water closet. The exterior will have vibrant color to match with the neighbors. This house will be occupied by at least a family of five members. Surely, as what had happened to most of the beneficiaries became a complete functioning happy home. (Please see picture) THE PALACE OF MY NIGHTMARE!Working here in the Middle East is not what you could say an ideal one. I must admit that I maybe compare to a carpenter who cannot build his own house. It is because the nature of our job here is on contractual basis and relies only on each monthly payroll we will receive. I used to design Palaces, Beach Front Facilites, Resort, Hospitals and Urban Designing as well for our engineering department. In short explanation I maybe already a multi-millionaire if I am doing this in a more subtle enviroment. Just recently, we have just completed a Mini-Palace at the cost of more than 2.5 million dollars. It has three Reception Halls, two Dining Halls that can accommodate a combined 100 guest at least. The Living room supposed for the family is within an atrium with a garden at the middle. We provided also state of he art Home theater with its own buffet. The Gym has its own Jacuzzi, Locker and Shower, Massage room and an indoor pool aside from the external covered pool along the plaza. There was two complete Master Bedrooms and with two extra Bedroom beside. There is a big main Kitchen and with a bigger Service Kichen served by dumbwaiter. The Garage can accomodate 5 cars with two drivers rooms. The Servant Quarter has six bedrooms with its own living, dining and kitchen facilities that will house at least 15 house helps separate for men and maids. There was a Plaza outside with a big Tent to accept informal guest. ( Please see Picture ) After we have formally turned over the project with the fanfare of invited guest in its opening, we have just realized that there will be only one! occupant a 5" tall Sheikh. Yet the Sheikh is so trancient since they were all from the another city, that the Palace most of the time is empty. My Nightmare, this one occupancy Palace could give me 2000 houses of my dream and can accommodate 10,000 peoples!
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