does anyone here really believe in miracles?

@yodj08 (101)
April 13, 2007 3:47am CST
for me miracles aren't long as you have faith in god you will survive in all the trials,challenges and sufferings in life and if you do you've been blessed by him.if you're given another chance to live which we called the second life it doesn't mean miracles happened.we should realize the good deeds we did in our past for it might be one of the reasons why god let us live for the second time.maybe he just wanted us to continue doing the good things and teach everybody the lessons we've learned from our mistakes and show them how grateful we are coz we happened to be born here in this world.but why are there still people who worship other godlikes? we should always remind ourselves that there's only one god who created all these things around us.but how does miracles happen?are there really miracles? does it really exist in the universe?
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• India
13 Apr 07
We have been given thinking power, imagination etc and these have a limit. Limit is different for each person. If anything is beyond our imagination limit, we say it miracle. A thing is miracle for one person whereas the same is not for other person because it is under imagination of that person. Due to science, miracle of past days has now been proved. In simple word, we can say what is beyond our wit, we say that thing miracle. God's existance cannot be denied. Only one God is controlling the whole world. As per our experience at various stages, we have named him in different ways.
@chloe9013 (532)
13 Apr 07
i don't believe in miracles. i think its it circumstantial coinsidense. Plus, just becuase we cant explain something doesnt make it a miracle. Even just 30 years ago there was plenty of stuff we didn't know, so even today there are things we do not have the knowledge to explain. There are so many things going on the in the universe, there are so many people doing their day to day buisness.. some people say that because of this, somethings can possibly be coinsidense, but i beleive theres so many things happening its bound to happen somewhere to somebody, and it coinsidental who it happens to be.