Do u play games?What game(s) do u play?Which is good game to play?

April 13, 2007 6:14am CST
About pc games or xbox games or vedio games.
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• United States
20 May 07
I play games. I like to play on the computer and the playstation. I like the kingdom hearts series, I also like all of the final fantasy series, they are good games to play. They leave you wanting to play the next when you reach the end, theyr'e definatly games to play when you need a good story line.
13 Apr 07
The best pc game around is football manager 2007, where you can take the managerial job of 1 of 100's of teams for as long as you want working your way up th ladder of success. The best game for ps2 is pro evo 6 as it is just brilliant and you can never get bored of playing it, and it never ends it just keeps going. The best console around at the moment is the xbox 360, which i really want, that is why i have started to try and make money online to add to my funds to buy the console.