Google Adsense-please read and respond if you can

April 13, 2007 6:17am CST
Hi friends,I have a food blog for which I applied for google adsense recently.I have been writing my food blog since october 2006.They told me they would get back to me within 1-2 days.It is more than 4 days now and no mail from them.DOes it mean I am rejected? Another but important question:Can one maintin a blog from one place and then give the address of another place?I ask this because in google adsense,we are not allowed to change the payee address and country once entered into the system.But what about those who keep travelling from one country to another?They cannot change the details,so how do they continue to get payment from adsense?I keep shifting from one country to another, but my permanent residence is in India.I started my food blog from here,UK.I have my palce of residence in my blog as UK.but my payee address in google adsense I have given as India as that is where I have my primary bank account(created when I was working).Could that cause problems in my google adsense application being approved?Please help me with your experiences,dear friends.I am really worried as I have recieved no reply from google as of today.
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